5 Ways Your Phone Will Fail You

When you find yourself feeling unsafe in your environment, what’s the first thing that you do?

Perhaps you’re someone who carries a weapon, such as a gun, mace, taser or a knife, and your first instinct would be to pull it out and use it. Or maybe you’re just not someone who carries a weapon.

You’re probably thinking to yourself…I’d just pull out my phone and make a call. Well, you’re about to learn why that isn’t always the fastest or easiest way to let someone know you might be in danger.

1) Will you have time to find your phone?

How many times have you gone to grab your phone and realized…you don’t know where it is? Or you keep it in your purse and spend more time than you’d like to admit looking for it. Maybe you keep it in your back pocket for easier access…or wait, maybe it was your front pocket? We’ve all done the token “pants pat down” – front pocket check, back pocket check…Eureka! If you’re in a dangerous situation, and someone is threatening your safety, do you really want to waste precious seconds looking for your phone? FAIL 1.

2) The Emergency Feature on your phone isn't as helpful as you thought.

So, let’s say you’re a ninja and know exactly where your phone is and BAM! It’s in your hand within seconds of sensing danger. Yes, most phones allow you to dial 911 without having to lock your phone. But have you actually tried to use this feature? For an iPhone (we used a locked 7 for our test), you won’t believe how many steps it actually takes. You ready? You’re not even ready. Here we go: home button, home button again, press emergency, dial 9-1-1, press send. I bet as you read that, you said “wow” out loud to yourself. We did too. FAIL 2.

3) Can you send your location fast enough?

Let’s try another situation. You’re not feeling threatened enough to dial 911, but you just want to let someone know where you are. So you open your phone and (scratches head)…do I send a message with my location or drop a pin and then send it? What if I only have time to send one? Pin and no “help”?!? Or “help” and no location?!? Or a ballpark location since you’re walking on a street and don’t have an address? Either way, you’ve spent time thinking about what to do first and that danger you’ve already sensed could be growing and...you’re nowhere closer to letting someone know where you are. FAIL 3.

4) Your phone can draw too much attention.

We probably should have mentioned this one earlier, but it didn’t quite go with the flow, so number 4 it is. Your phone is not some super-secret spy invention that no one has ever seen. Everyone knows what a phone is and if someone is looking to harm you, when you pull out your phone, they know you know. Even if you tried to do it in stealth-mode, putting it down at your side and trying to use it, that screen lighting will give you away. It’s more obvious than the bat signal. FAIL 4.

5) Did you know your phone can actually be a distraction?

Maybe you’ve gotten to number 5 and are thinking, what if I was already talking or texting on my phone, so 1 through 4 wouldn’t really apply to me. I wouldn’t have to find it, use morse code to dial 911, choose between “help” or a pin, and it wouldn’t draw attention because I already have it out. You would be correct. But the question we ask is…were you able to even sense the danger since you were distracted by your phone? You’ve heard about people walking into poles or other people. Or even walking in front of traffic because they were using their phones. How will you know what potential dangers lurk in your surroundings, if your mind is distracted? In order to have a gut instinct, your gut has to be alert and aware. FAIL 5.

Of course, you should always have your phone with you; this article isn't to talk you out of having it or using it, but we want you to understand that it does have limitations and you should always be aware of them so you can prepare accordingly,


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