6 “PAIN IN THE ASS” Things Women Do To Feel Safe!


Ladies, how often do we hear things like “Well, you shouldn’t have been wearing that” or “You shouldn’t have been out that late”. Why should we ever feel like we can’t wear what we want or be somewhere when we want? As women, we are not only restricted in what we can do but we are judged by our actions and by our own way of expressing ourselves.

Ladies, could you imagine a world where you could be anyone you wanted to be without judgement or ridicule? A world where you could feel safe and confident no matter the time or environment you were in? 

Obviously these things are unrealistic but one can only hope, am I right?! I think the most frustrating thing about this whole situation is not that we may never have this dream world we fantasize about but the actual daily burdensome repercussions we have to take just to ensure our safety. I mean can you say PAIN IN THE ASS?! So after some research and asking women in the community I found the top 6 “PAIN IN THE ASS” things women do daily to attain some sort of peace of mind and here they are…

Walk with our keys out and grasped tightening in our hands to make sure we have them ready for the moment we get to our car or if we need to use them for self defense.

  1. Avoid all eye contact with men that we feel are trying to get our attention or any man that causes any discomfort and unease. 
  2. Have pepper spray or maze with us at all times.
  3. Making sure our cell phones are fully charged or have a backup battery just in case.
  4. Avoid dark areas even if it’s inconvenient for us. The lighter the better!
  5. Wear Baggy or unappealing clothes to avoid any commentary or attention
  6. Avoid taking the stairs or going into an elevator if it’s occupied only by one person who we don’t know.

Along with these 6, there are numerous of strategies women take daily just to feel safe in their environment. Many of these are unfair, undesirable, and inconvenient and totally dictate how we go about our life. This is where I find my tinySOS being a huge lifesaver (no pun intended). With my tinySOS, I feel more confident everywhere I go and I don't think twice whether or not my outfit is appropriate. My tinySOS has given me so much freedom and although just like anything else can’t ensure 100% safety, it gives me peace of mind and that is a win win for me!


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