tinySOS goes on a field trip!

tinySOS goes on a field trip!

On April 4th, we spent the entire day roaming the boardwalk of Huntington Beach sharing the intention of tinySOS, which is to spread awareness and give a solution to violence in our world today. It was amazing to see how many people were open to hearing our message and learning more about what our product does as well as taking part in answering some questions around global violence. After listening to a variety of people share their opinions, it was clear that people are constantly on edge and doing the best they can to be aware of their environment but feel that they have little to no control in their safety. 

What is unfortunate is that we even have to be on alert at all times and that fear is an emotion we have to experience day to day. 

We interviewed a mother from Canada and she shared with us that she never had to worry about safety or violence where she was from but since moving to California she has had to be more aware of not only her safety but her kids as well. We also interviewed two young teenage girls and they shared with us stories of feeling extremely unsafe and terrified walking the streets at night from a party to their car. Lastly, we interviewed a young married couple from Utah who shared the same views as the others but it was great to get a male perspective on the matter. When we were interviewing the wife Megan her husband Jordan pulled me aside and said, “This product is amazing and I can't even tell you how much better I would feel knowing my wife had this on her at all times.” 

It was crazy to see how many people got excited that there is a solution being created to give others the gift of ease and comfort wherever they go. 

tinySOS is not just a piece of technology and its not our intention to just educate you on how to use it. tinySOS is a way of bringing communities together to provide support for one another and most importantly it’s a way to bridge the gap between awareness and actually creating a solution that can potentially save lives. I must say that we had a blast on our team field trip and the best part about it was the authentic connections we made with people in the community. Our tinySOS “click” is growing and we are so grateful for the love and support on our movement towards anti-violence.

We Click For Love.



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