The La Jolla Group

tinySOS Visits The La Jolla Group

Last week, tinySOS was honored to participate in The La Jolla Group Employee Health & Wellness Fair. It was such a great opportunity to talk with people one-on-one about what we are doing at tinySOS.

So many of the employees were willing to share stories about their lives and situations in which tinySOS would be useful to have. One of the employees was telling us that she runs to work every morning and has to constantly stop to text her boyfriend that she’s safe and provide him with an update on her location. She was so excited about tinySOS, because she could clip it to her armband and simply click the button twice to let him know she’s okay and send him her exact GPS location.

“Now I don’t have to stop running to let him know I’m okay.”

Everyone we spoke with knew of someone in their lives who could benefit from The tinySOS System. Whether it was a father who wanted it for his daughter in college or a woman whose sister works late hours, tinySOS is something that can be used by anyone in any situation.

We can’t wait to get out there and do more events, so we can spread the word about tinySOS!


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