tinySOS Yoga Social

tinySOS Yoga Social: We Click for Love

We wrapped up our very first event and it was a complete SUCCESS! As some of you may know, the month of April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and so we decided to spread awareness with tinySOS and offer a FREE yoga social for our community. We had vendors such as Model Meals, a local healthy food-delivery service, and Nektre juice provide delicious food and refreshments. To top is off, our event was held at the most gorgeous yoga studio, Ekam yoga, in Newport Beach. It was EPIC to say the least! The yoga class was taught by our very own Marketing Director and yogi Stevie Mersola and we had a guest speaker and sexual assault survivor, Heather Whitaker, share her story. 

Although the yoga was a blast, Heather’s story was the highlight of the event. First of all, we were all so grateful for her courage and willingness to share something that had happened so recently. 

We all know it’s not easy being vulnerable but when we allow ourselves to be we have the opportunity to inspire and impact others. 

That is exactly what Heather did, she inspired and empowered every person at the event. This is why we created tinySOS, not just to provide you with a piece of technology but to create a movement, a community of people that want to make a difference in this world. We all know that violence is on the rise, it takes so many different forms, but in every situation we all wish that there was a solution to keep us more safe and protected and that is exactly where tinySOS comes in. Heather mentioned in her story that she had absolutely no time to use her phone but would have been able to click a button. I don’t think anyone realizes that their safety is in jeopardy in any moment because you never think it will happen to you until it does or until it happens to someone close to you. We of course hope that a tinySOS would never have to be used but to take safety precautions is always the best choice because you really never know. After the event ended, it was so beautiful to see the support of all of our clickmates as they purchased their very own tinySOS. We really had no expectations for our first event but if we did they were definitely exceeded. We can walk away from this experience with huge smiles on our faces knowing that we were able to create a space for healing and inspiration and an opportunity for the ones we love to be that much safer!


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