“Give Me Safety Over Flowers Any Day!”

Why Women Are Saying, “Give Me Safety Over Flowers Any Day!”

With my wife’s birthday rapidly approaching, I knew that I had to start searching for the perfect gift. I wanted to get her something unique, something special. Of course, she would appreciate shoes or flowers, but I’ve given those to her so many times that it’s kind of become expected.

What’s a guy to do?

So, I started thinking about her habits, likes, interests, etc. She’s a runner, which means that I could go the “running outfit” route. Get her some shoes, pants and a sports bra. Or a stylish new armband to hold her phone. Perhaps even new headphones that bounce less when she’s running. Boring!

How about work? As a real estate agent, she travels a lot to show houses and meets with clients. Maybe a Starbucks card to keep her fueled? A new travel mug for the car? Really boring!

Then I saw something on the news about a real estate agent getting attacked at night after leaving one of her showings. It made my heart sink. To think of my wife, the mother of my children, being in that same situation...I just couldn’t allow it.

What next?

So I started scouring the internet for safety devices. The usuals came up: mace, foghorn, rape whistle, knife. Yeah those would definitely be helpful, but they wouldn’t let me know that she was in trouble or where exactly she was. That made me even more uneasy. To potentially find out later that she had been attacked? Maybe even hours later? I couldn’t have that.

After all that worrisome thinking, I now knew what I was looking for:


Safety device

Small (easily hidden)

Sends GPS coordinates

Easier to call 911


And that’s when I stumbled across tinySOS.

tinySOS to the rescue!

This small, easily concealable, wearable safety device was exactly what I was looking for! My wife could keep it in her pocket, on her belt or purse and even on her keys. It doesn’t light up or make noise, so it doesn’t draw any attention to itself. 

I would literally be giving my wife a secret weapon. Take that, Batman!

The powerful little tinySOS button allows her to silently call for help. With its easy to use free smartphone app, it will send a “help” message to her list of predetermined contacts (especially me!). And, it uses the location services on her smartphone to include her exact GPS coordinates. Double whammy!

And, to take security to the next level, the developers of tinySOS have designed the system to make it easier to call 911! Now, when she clicks the button 3 times, not only do I get a help message with her GPS location, but her phone will also prompt her with an option to dial 911! And, the app stores the phone number to the police in over 200 countries and territories, so it’s perfect to use while traveling!

Giving me peace of mind.

I’ve asked her before to text me when she’s showing a property, but she always says, “I forgot” or “It’s just such a pain to pull out my phone.” Well with tinySOS, she now has zero excuses. Since this system is also designed to be used on an everyday basis, when my wife shows houses she can just click her button twice to send me a “hi” message with her location. tinySOS makes it quick and easy for her to be in touch.

So, in conclusion, if you find yourself wanting to get your wife something different for her birthday, Mother’s Day or just because, give her the gift of safety. She’ll thank you for it.


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